[Sommerlektüre] Die fabelhaften Schwestern der Familie Cooke

I know what you are thinking: Oh, nice – another book with a nice paper-cut-style cover and kind of a half dramatic, half philosophical story on the inside. It’s either a family tragedy or a love story with major obstacles for the lovers to overcome. Right?
No, not right. »We are all completely beside ourselves« might be a family tragedy. It might be confusing. Weird. Sad. Upsetting. Funny. Smart. Passionate. Thoughtful. It might be all of these, but it is not a dull story.

What is it about?

The Cooke’s are (or have been) a completely normal family. But then Rosemary’s sister Fern disappears when she is six years old. The  family breaks apart: The mother gets a depression, Rosemary who used to be a little blabbermouth turns silent and her brother runs away and is gone for years. This is tragic – and nothing new for belletristic novels.
But then the storyline changes. Rosemary wants to tell it all – the whole story about her sisters’ disappearance. She starts in the middle, moves to the beginning and finally to the end. And at one point, it turns out: Rosemary’s sister is a chimpanzee girl.
Sounds crazy? Well, it actually is.
The first third of the book was hard. Kind of like a green smoothie – you swallow it, because you know it’s good for you. I didn’t know where the story was leading and it was kind of boring. But then it turns out where the story is leading: Hello there, monkey girl!
After Ferns’ identity has been released, I was hooked. The Cookes’ story asks questions:
Are experiments with animals ethical at all? And if they are, where do we stop?
And what happens to the people involved in animal experiments?
What if one of these animals is part of your family?
And what happens if everybody is just completely beside thereselves in the end?
The book is not adressing animal right activists or crazy researchers. It is not that deep. It is a quiet book with a lot of layers. But most of all, the story is about one thing:
About belonging together and belonging somewhere.

I totally recommend this book – despite the paper-cut-style cover!


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  1. Das Buch kenne ich noch nicht, klingt aber interessant 🙂
    Danke fürs Vorstellen.
    Have a great day,

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