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Travel Movies

Last year, I showed you some of my favorite travel movies. Now it’s time for a second round. It’s getting cold outside, I am longing for palm trees, beaches and some rays of sunshine in my face. What helps, are 120 minutes of holidays every evening – in front of the TV.

My favourite travel movies for this autumn

Midnight in Paris

Gil and his fincée are on holidays in Paris but their time is far from romantic. He’s interested in art, writing and Paris, she’s more interested in partying. One night at midnight, something magical is happening: Jil gets picked up by a limo and is driven right into the roaring twenties…
Wanderlust-factor: Paris, Paris, Paris, this movies makes you fall in love with the city head over heels

Hector and the search for happiness

London-based psychic Hector feels bad about his job: He can’t make his patients happy again. So, one day he decided to leave London behind and answer the one big question: Is there true happiness in this world? His search for happiness is long and emotional, sometimes dangerous and sometimes funny.
Wanderlust-factor: We all want to be happy, don’t we? This movie helps a bit – and tells you that you should probably travel to Africa to find happiness.

The Darjeeling Limited

Francis and his younger brothers Peter and Jack haven’t spoken to each other in years and their lives have nothing in common. After their father’s death, they decide to travel to India together anways to find and tell their mother about her husband’s death. They journey turns out to be a chaotic trip on which the three brothers find themselves lost in the desert with eleven suitcases, a printer and a laminator.
Wanderlust-Factor: This movie will change your opinion on train travel forever

Beste Chance

Katie and Jo used to be best friends in high school. Five years after graduation, they lost contact with each other. Bu when Katie comes home one evening and finds an alarming message from you on her answering machine, she decides to look for her best friend in India.
Wanderlust-Factor: Beautiful landscape captures from Bavaria and India make this German movie an insider tip

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty, the negative assets manager at ›Life‹ magazine is invisible. At least for many of his colleagues. And for Cheryl, his secret crush. When the negative of star photorapher Sean O’Connell’s ›best shot‹, that was supposed to be on the cover of the next ›Life‹ issue, is missing, Walter decides to look for it. His search leads him to Greenland and Iceland – and brings him closer to his secret crush Cheryl.
Wanderlust-Factor: Shy boy find self-consciousness through traveling – Walter Mitty’s story is kind of every traveler’s story and therefore a must-see.


What are your favourite travel movies?


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  1. Oh, Midnight in Paris fand ich ja toll. Lag aber auch daran, dass Woody Allen die Finger mit im Spiel hatte.
    Ansonsten mag ich noch Into the Wild und Das wilde Leben. Vor allem letzteren kann ich mir immer und immer wieder angucken. Uschi Obermaier ist meine absolute Heldin. 😀

    1. Den kenn ich echt nur vom Namen her. Wird Zeit, dass ich ihn mir mal angucke! 🙂

  2. Die Liste kann ich genau so unterschreiben. Die Filme sind alle einfach wundervoll.

    1. Danke dir – kennst du sie auch alle? 🙂

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