[Travel] Things you learn when living in Cape Town

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Every country has its special perks. Sometimes annoying, sometimes nice and always special. How do you know you’re in Cape Town?

  • Public transport is never on time. People are neither
  • A robot is a traffic light. Obvious, right?
  • Braai and Rugby are serious things. Don’t make fun of it
  • You will have three or more keys for three or more locks to your home. Plus a remote control for the gate. Plus the keys for the car. Plus the remote for your best friends’ gate. Plus a key for work. Plus the spare key for your friends’ back door. No way to put your key ring in the pocket of your pants
  • You won’t be able to pronounce street or place names (Kayelitsha, Bakoven, Leeuwenvoet Rd)
  • Thanks to capped WiFi you will cancel many skype dates because your internet has been cut 7 days before the end of the month
  • You will keep a close eye on the meter for your prepaid electricity. Otherwise, you might just sit in the dark. On a sunday night. While cooking. Or taking a shower. It all happened
  • You won’t mind geckos in your bedroom because they keep our spiders, bugs and cockroaches
  • You’re buying chips (and yes they are called „chips“ not crisps) with chutney flavor
  • Everything is just full of color. People, clothes, houses, flowers…
  • Social differences are huge in South Africa. You can contribute your share to change that fact but you can’t blame yourself for it. You have to accept that it’s not in your responsibility alone to change the country

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Chapmans Peak Drive

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  1. Hehe, man lernt nie aus 🙂 Pre-paid Strom – verrückt!
    Wobei ich das Cheers auch schon aus Irland kannte.

    1. Ja, bis man sich daran gewöhnt hat, steht man schon ein paar Mal zu den unmöglichsten Momenten auf einmal im Dunkeln 😀
      Stimmt.. jetzt wo du es sagst, fällt mir ein, dass die Iren das auch machen! Warst du schon mal länger dort? 🙂

  2. […] mir das Schreiben der Liste von Dingen, die man in Südafrika lernt so viel Spaß gemacht hat und bei euch so gut angekommen ist, habe ich beschlossen, noch einen […]

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