[Travel] Why solo travel is not always the big fun

There’s countless blogs on the internet, telling you how awesome solo travel is. Bold boys and girls are roaming and wandering the continents all by themselves, giving us useful tips and tricks on where to go and how to travel safely and soundly.

Well, no objection against that. I like getting all this advice, I like to know which country is safest and I like to know where to get the best street food. I also like traveling alone if there’s nobody there who wants to join me. But still – traveling solo is not always the coolest thing in the world.

Sometimes, traveling solo is pretty annoying to be honest. So therefore, today I would like to give you some

reasons why solo travel is not always the big fun


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It’s more expensive
We’re talking about appetizers, airbnb apartments, rental cars, taxis, double rooms, wildwater rafting boats… do I need to add some more things you can’t share pricewise ?

It’s not nice to have dinner alone
That doesn’t sound like a big thing and maybe it’s not for all of us. But talking of myself, I don’t like eating on my own, it’s always nicer to share and to enjoy cooking and your food with someone else. But there’s at least one slight consolation: the street food will taste awesomely nice anyway.

It’s so hard to get nice pictures
The sentence I probably use most when traveling solo is: Sorry, could you take a picture of me in fron of this oh-so-nice-whatever? And we all know how this is going: Your head is cut off, the picture is blurry or some weirdo is picking his nose in the background. The result is that, when you’re back home, the only pictures you have are the ones of street art, beaches, buildings and strangers you just took a snapshot of in the streets.

It’s so sad that you can’t share the memories
I like reading. I can read a book sitting all alone in my living room the whole afternoon. But there’s things and moments I like to share with the people I love. Or sometimes just with – people. Eating real fish & chips in London for the first time in my life, seeing the little mermaid and being fairly disappointed, discovering the best gelato in all of Venice, climbing up table mountain. It’s still an awesome experience that no one will ever take away from you. But it would be nicer to make the memories with someone by your side…

It’s dangerous sometimes
Let’s take it seriously here: It’s never easy to be traveling alone when you’re a girl. If it’s a foreign country, a foreign city and foreigners, you might just feel a bit insecure and unsafe. And it’s the sad truth that there are in fact countries where it’s not safe to travel alone.

It’s making mountains out of molehills
Lost luggage? A scatch in your rental car? Double booking of your hotel room? Stomach aches? Lost purse? Getting Lost? No GPS signal? These are all things you might be angry, worried or pissed about when you’re in good company. But they are easy to solve and then you just laugh about it. You certainly don’t laugh about things like that when you’re alone. You might just start crying, screaming – or packing your bags to take the next flight straight home. Luckily, you normally feel better just a couple hours later and decide to stay…ready for the next adventure!



So what are your reasons not to travel solo?


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  1. Oh ja, wie recht du hast! Zwar ist alleine reisen tatsächlich nicht so schlimm, wie man vorher vielleicht denkt, aber manche Sachen sind tatsächlich nervig. Besonders dieses Abends essen gehen ist immer wieder blöd.

  2. Unterschreib ich so. Gerade das mit dem Essen. Alleine essen ist einfach doof. Also, alleine in einem Restaurant sitzen. Aber: Wenns bombastisch gut schmeckt, können wir da gut und gerne drüber hinwegsehen 🙂
    Ich drück dich meine Liebe! :*

    1. Da hast du recht. Und da Liebe ja doch durch den Magen geht, ist es mit der Einsamkeit vielleicht auch bald vorbei? Drücker zurück?

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