[Travel] Books that make you wanna travel

I’ve got a travel bucket list twice as long as my bank statements – and definitely not matching my amount of vacation days. To make up for this, I am a passionate daydreamer and although I never boarded a plane to all these destinations I sometimes feel like I have been there already. Sometimes, I just don’t have a clear image of a place, though – and this is the moment, I am starting to look for books that are able to give me an idea about it.

So, if you love to use the time between your travels for dreaming of new adventures and foreign countries, I have got something for you: My list of

Books that make you want to travel

Books for traveling.

Elizabeth Gilbert – Eat Pray Love

I guess everybody knows the movie starring Julia Roberts. The books worth a read though as well. I never read a book teaching me more about getting lost and getting found, about traveling and self-reflection and awareness. It’s autobiographical, kind of a documentary, but still the books gives you a profound idea of living in Italy, India or Indonesia.

Tanja Blixen – Out of Africa

This book is also not as famous as its screep adaption starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. But again: You should read it! It’s the book that made me fall in love with Africa. Written during WW I when Kenya was still a British colony, it may not be political correct all the time. Anyway, Blixen’s love for Africa can be felt in every line she wrote. She was a very impressive woman, owning a farm in Africa during a time where women were mostly housewives and she made her way. That fact alone makes the book worth reading.

Edgar Rai – Nächsten Sommer (book only available in German)

Sometimes you just have to get away. Right now. That’s exactly what Felix, Marc and Bernhard are doing – and quite spontaneously. Why? Well, just because Felix inherited a beach house in the south of France. On their way they meet to girls who are completely different from one another, they are chased by the police and they have the typical roadtrip experience: they learn a lot about life, about themselves and about what they really want.

Marlo Morgan – Mutant Message Down Under: A Woman’s Journey into Dreamtime Australia

Would you spend three months in the Australien bush wandern the dreamtime paths of the Aborignes? Well, that’s exactly what Marlo Morgan did (well, or dreamed of doing, because the book is merely fiction). Although some might ascribe the author to political incorrectness and disrespect for the Aborigines culture, I thought the book was very interesting and thought-provoking. Plus: It makes you want to visit Australia right away.


What’s your favourite book about traveling?

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  1. Kenn ich alles nicht. Ich hab nicht mal Eat Pray Love gesehen. Schande über mein Haupt. Hat Netflix den? 😀
    Aber ich glaub, das “Nächsten Sommer” wird demnächst mal bestellt. (Wenn ich meine drölfzig Bücher denn dann mal ausgelesen habe.)

    Kennst du Journeyman von Fabian Sixtus Körner? Guck dir das mal an.

    1. Gute Frage, ich habe mich statt Netflix für Spotify Premium entschieden 😀
      Aber den kann ich dir wirklich mal empfehlen, kann man sich gut angucken! Und “Nächsten Sommer” auch, hat mir prima gefallen. Weil die super bekannten Roadtrip-Bücher wie “Tschick”, die haben mich jetzt nicht so gepackt.
      Journeyman hab ich schon mal gehört, das werd ich mir dann auf jeden Fall mal angucken!! Was steht denn auf deiner Leseliste noch so? 😀

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