[Travel] My favourite travel apps

best apps for traveling

Travel apps will be the lifesaver on your next trip! Because nothing is more annoying than having to take ten different gadgets with you. So let me show you my favourites.

best apps for traveling


FetchMyWay shows you how to get somewhere – from anywhere. Plus: It shows you all the different options with price and travel time.


Is my favourite currency exchange tool. Rates are always up to date and its free and easy to use.

Uber oder Gas Buddy

Uber I use mostly instead of taxis. It’s cheap and fast! If you use a rental car, you can check the gas stations in the area for the cheapest rate with Gas Buddy.


Foodmarkets, Chinese, Japanese, Italian – Foodspotting shows you the best restaurants! Rated by users.


It’s perfect for capturing moments, funny snippets of your trip and stay in touch with friends and family.

WiFi Finder

WiFi Finder saves you tons of money! You don’t have to pay roaming anymore as this apps shows you all free WiFis in your area.

Lonely Planet Map

I like these free travel guide app to get a first overview over my destination.


City Mapper shows you not only streets but also biking tracks and public transport. At the moment it’s only available for European, Asian and US cities.


What are your favourite travel apps?

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  1. Maps.me hat mir schon oft geholfen , wenn ich nicht wüsste wo ich bin ?

    1. Danke für den Tipp! Ich finde auch nichts nerviger als sich hoffnungslos zu verlaufen, vor allem, wenn ich alleine unterwegs bin☺

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