[Lifestyle] What I liked in June

Here we go. We made it through the first half of 2016. How’s it going so far for you? Is there a sentence to describe the first 6 months? For me it would be: Crazy things are happening! Or how Lara from Isabella Blume put it on Istagram: Listen, Smile, Agree. And then do what ever the fuck you were gonna do anyway! Well, whatever: June’s over, July starts and here are the things I liked most this month.

What I liked in June

Copy of Sücht nach im Mai (3)

On my screen: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I am officially addicted to Netflix! I’m prone to addictions anyways and Netflix is no exception. I mean, hello: Awesome series all day long! Who would not get addicted to that? Especially to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This series left my laughing so hard. Kimmy, who has been living in a sect in the underground for 15 years moves to New York. You should give it a try yourself!

On my plate: Cape Town Chicken Curry

This is the most delicious Chicken Curry I ever tasted. And no, I don’t only say that because it’s called Cape Town Chicken Curry and I am moving to Cape Town soon. I say that because it’s incredibly delicious.

On my Spotify: Seed to Tree

Seed to Tree is perfect Indie-Rock from Luxemburg. Best song: Until it gets better.

My inspiration: Marias self-employment story

Unfortunately her blog is in German only. But it’s so exciting  and inspiring to read how Maria from maria meets anna manages her first 30 days of freelance and self-employed work and life.

Fotos: Chefkoch.de, Seed to Tree, Netflix, Melina Hilper via mariameetsanna.com

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  1. Die Beiträge von Maria klingen ja mal mega interessant, da werde ich später in der Mittagspause mal ein paar Minuten abtauchen 🙂
    Danke für den tollen link!
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Ja, ich fand’s auch total inspirierend und spannend! Freut mich, dass du auch gleich mal reinlesen möchtest 🙂
      LG, Kathi

  2. Ui, wie siehts denn hier aus?
    Daumen hoch! 🙂

    Halbzeit-Bilanz? Kopf aus, Herz an und die Welt ist gar nicht mehr so blöd.

    1. Daaaaaanke? Und: Das mit dem Herz und dem Bauch ist eine gute Idee. Aber oft schreit der Kopf lauter?

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