[Travel] What I learned on my travels

Was ich vom Reisen gelernt habe

When I travel, freedom is the feeling I treasure most. The freedom to go wherever I want to go. The freedom that nobody knows where I’m going. I love this feeling of anonymity! On her blog, maria meets anna, Anna asked:

What have you learned on your travels?

Well, the journey that taught me most, was definitely the one to South Africa. I know, I know I’m talking about SA non-stop but hey: What should I do? I’m in love. And my stay showed me one thing:

How to live life to the fullest

There are many diary entries reminding me of my Cape Town time but this one here still describes the journey best:

»Cape Town is colourful. It’s vibrant, varied, opalescent, fussy. It’s restless, always moving. It’s just a little bit more than you can stand and you’re always on the edge of what’s bearable. That can be frustrating sometimes but other times it’s wonderful. Here in Cape Town, everyday asks of you to be lived to the fullest. It demands all my concentration, all my attention and commitment. It’s like touching rails with your bare hands. The electricity pulses through your body and makes your heart beat faster. My friend Morne told me this. So when I let go of the rails and my heart gets back to its old beat – does this normality feel dull?«

Yes, normality felt dull when I got back to my daily life, to my 9to5 job – even though I love doing what I do.But it is all daily routine. I don’t enjoy working, cooking, watching series that much. I do not live my days, they just pass. When I travel, it’s different. When I travel, I want to feel it all.

Was ich vom Reisen gelernt habe

Understand myself better

»I can’t believe that South Africa did it again: leading me to believe that time’s standing still. It doesn’t. I felt 365 emotions a day, I cried until everything hurt, I laughed until everything hurt and I loved Cape Town one minute and hated it the other. I wan’t to resolve into tiny little pieces and stay here forever to soak the town in.«

So that is it! That’s what I learned on my travels: how to live through each of my emotions. Enjoy sadness as well as joy. Get to know myself better and accept being sensitive. I know now that it’s okay to live through 365 different emotions a day as long as most of them are connected to joy and happiness. And I want this feeling back – to be me. That’s why I’m moving to South Africa. And so there’s another thing I learned on my travels:

to give it a try!

What did you learn on your travels?

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