[Musik & Du] 019 Back in time – Memories of Tunesia

Tunesia Back in time

It’s easter 2010. There’s no one on the beach but us. We collect shells, we take pictures of each other jumping in the waves. Then we go back to the hotel. There’s no one on the beach either. We chat with the two bored animators – Tunesian boys – and make plans for going out together tonight. The boys know all the cool places. So we spend the night in some dodgy clubs where boys buy us drinks. We smoke water pipe in shady cafés and we take a cab back to the hotel at sunrise. We don’t worry about guys doing us harm because we’re two girls roaming a country they don’t know all by themselves. We are as free as one can be. Being free was easy back then, in 2010. You turned the power off your phone down. You did not take you laptop with you. You enjoyed live offline.

Tunesia Back in time

Music & You: Back to Tunisia

As every month, Maribel asks a question for her category Music 6 You. This time it’s the question: Which song takes you back to another place and time.So when I browsed through my old pictures, I found the ones from Tunisia again.

This wasn’t my first holiday all alone without the family. But it was the first one that far away from home and in a country I didn’t know and whose language I did not speak. We had just finished school, a new chapter of our life was going to start so soon and we wanted to celebrate that. Oh and how we did! This holiday was perfection!

Musik & Du

And this song takes me back:

Stromae – Alors on danse

Welcher Song wirft euch immer back in time?

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  1. Jo Ja, das kenne ich auch. Ein Song, der einen sofort wieder in Urlaubsstimmung versetzt und einen an die schöne Zeit und die schönen Momente erinnert. Einfach genial…!

    1. Ja, gell. Da kann der Sommer hier in Deutschland noch so ätzend sein, mit so ner Urlaubsplaylist wird er doch ein bisschen besser (obwohl… heute schlägt er sich ganz gut 😉 )

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