[Das Wort zum Sonntag] One great love

»There’s only one person that is meant for you. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the right person for you and that you will live happily ever after. Sometimes you you lose, even when you win!« She stares at the screen of her smartphone. There’s a picture of her and her new boyfriend. »I had to start all over again!«, she defends herself although I didn’t accuse her of anything, »He and I, we just broke each others heart…« 

It sounds too dramatic to me. Too much Nicholas Sparks, too little Lena Dunham. Nevertheless I can’t stop thinking about it on my way home. I remember that one episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte tells the girls, that:  »everyone knows you only get two great loves in your life.« And let’s remember Carrie: Aidan and Big. Two great loves. Two hurtful break-ups. Well, but there’s one advantage Carries has compared to us: benevolent screenwriters! The story ends with the man of her life traveling to Paris, where she lives, to declare his love. Carries first great love gets a second chance.

Eine wahre Leibe

What if my girlfriend and Charlotte York are right?

What if one had only one or two great loves in ones love? Carrie put it that way: »Here lies Carrie. She had two loves and lots o’ shoes.« After all, there are many beautiful shoes out there to be worn. And there are two tragic love stories to tell my grandchildren. No wait, the theory implies that I won’t have any grandchildren because I already used up all the great loves I had. Well, but I could tell bored teenagers at bus stop the story of my great loves once I’m old.

»Are you leaving Germany because of a guy?«, my friends asked.

I ask myself that question as well when people are moving abroad, so no offense taken. But no, I don’t. I’m leaving for Cape Town because of Cape Town. It’s as easy as that. Cause maybe – and just maybe – Cape Town is my great love at the moment. It doesn’t have to be a guy all the time. It can be a place as well, you know? Or a child. Or a horse. Great love can be so many things. And it’s way to unique to just limit it to you significant other.

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  1. Wow, dann wünsche ich dir alles Gute für Kapstadt. Wirst du denn weiterbloggen?

    Liebe Grüsse



    1. Danke dir! 🙂
      Ja, ich will auf jeden Fall auch von dort aus weiter bloggen, es gibt sicherlich viele spannende Geschichten zu erzählen.
      Liebe Grüße,

  2. Ich glaube ja ganz fest: Die schönsten Dinge passieren, wenn wir sie am wenigsten erwarten und irgendwie auch am wenigsten wollen. Zieh dein Ding durch und alles andere ergibt sich ganz bestimmt von alleine mein Herz. Außerdem: Was gibt es Schöneres als in der Traumstadt sein eigenes Ding durchzuziehen? 🙂
    Ich drück dich ganz fest, Mia
    PS: Aaaaaah, das neue Design! Sieht mega gut aus meine Liebe. UND: Die Schrift, mit der ich gerade schreibe, liebe ich ja total. Hachhach – ganz toll <3

    1. Danke dir meine Liebe – erstend weil du mit dem, was du sagst SO recht hast und zweitens für das Lob an meinem neuen Design!!❤

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