[Sunday Talk] Two weeks in Cape Town

I’m tired and can barely keep my eyes open while I stand beside the luggage carousel waiting for my suitcase. Why is traveling always so exhausting, even if you could sleep on the plane? A grey and a green suitcase pass by me for the third time and although I was assuming it before already, I am now pretty sure that my suitcase was not on the same flight as me. A security lady approaches me. Sympathetically she shows me the way to the Turkish Airlines Office. »You can claim your baggage there, Miss.« I am too tired to be upset. I am just happy to finally be in South Africa. I just made my flight to Cape Town last call. No wonder my luggage didn’t make it. The guy at the counter asks for my contact dates, how my suitcase looks like and where I’m staying. »Oh, Sedgefield…We have to put your luggage on a flight to George first and then drive it down to Sedgefield. That could take a couple of days.« Although I told myself not to become upset, I feel slightly desperate now. My whole life is in that suitcase that’s now somewhere in Istanbul. Memories, books – and my shampoo, shower gel and underwear. Fabulous…

Welcome to Africa!

Luckily, my travel buddies in Sedgefield provide me with boxer shorts and a shirt to sleep in, shampoo, tooth paste and socks. So, how does it feel to be on holidays with twenty people you don’t know – apart from one person? It’s absolutely marvellous! I spent my first days in Africa hiking, going to craft markets and talking to people from all continents. Talking about politics, sports and traveling, about different cultures and why they still feel similar. Playing pub quizzes and Guess the secret word. We had braai, space brownies and nights under the stars, so dark that you can see the milky way glistening. We had days on the beach – just sitting around and enjoying to be here.




So, after five days I did not only make new friends, I also feel like I’m here in South Africa for much longer. As we drive into the sunset on Tuesday evening, I get the feeling of coming home. Coming home to Cape Town. After nine months of longing, yearning and lovesickness, I can finally spot Table Mountain’s silhouette at the horizon, covered in pinkish clouds. I feel bubbly with excitement.

Oh, Cape Town…how I missed you.

And now, two weeks later, I’m still in bed, hung over on a Saturday morning. The South African sun shines bright today, the sky shows its special blue – the one you can only see here. Two weeks Cape Town – they feel like a crazy holiday to me. A colourful kaleidoscope of people and places and good food and fabulous wine and too many cigarettes. I am here, in Cape Town. And we just start to get to know each other again. Although Cape Town is still the city I fell in love with last year, we just started dating from anew. Some reality is shining though the rose-coloured glasses I have been wearing until now. But still: It’s going well with the two of us. This could be something serious!






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  1. Yeah! Dein Strahlen sieht definitiv nach “Das könnte was Ernstes werden” aus. Nur weiter so 😉
    Ein dicker Drücker zu dir, Mia

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