I got nominated: The Liebster Award

Since Dave from 2trvlrs told me (and you) about his life abroad in Australia, I kept in contact with him and his lovely girlfriend and travel mate Theresia. I love reading their stories (especially about Iceland) and I was really happy when they nominated me for the Liebster Award. So thanks a lot, Dave and Theresia, to present myself a bit to you and my readers. I hope you enjoy my answers – some of the questions have been really hard!

I got nominated: The Liebster Award

Imagine you are on a lonely island, which three things would be the most important to you?

Well, that’s a hard one. Actually I do not need a lot of things to be happy. Apart from Music and a good book – and some ice cream. But I would certainly feel lonely about my friends and loved ones after just a short while. I guess, lonely islands are not for me, as long as I can’t share them.

If you had one wish, what would you want for yourself or someone else?

I would wish health to my mum. She suffers from Multiple Sclerosis quite badly and her state worsened in the last years. So I would wish for her to be healthy and happy and not bound to the wheelchair.

When it comes to me, I wish I would not worry so much and so often. My mind never stops spinning and thinking and as many great ideas I have, as many worries I have as well.

Why are you blogging?

Well… I am working as a journalist for quite a while now. And if there is one thing I am sure of, it is the feeling that this is just the perfect job for  me. All these words inside me just need to come out. Sometimes I feel like I am going to explode if I don’t write them down.

Well, plus I am one of the very lucky persons that get to travel a lot and got the incredibly opportunity to live abroad. I think, this might be something worth writing about. And of course I hope, that some of my articles might inspire or motivate my readers or just give them useful information, e.g., for moving to South Africa or how to find an apartment in Cape Town.

What do you consider “home”?

Let me go all cliché and say that home is, where the heart feels at home. The longer I’m living abroad, the more I realize that no place, no matter how beautiful, can feel like home if you are not surrounded by people you truly like. Cape Town could only become my home thanks to the wonderful people I met and the wonderful person by my side.

Have you ever lived abroad and if yes, how did it change you?

Living abroad taught me that I know a lot less about the world than I thought.

Growing up in Germay and receiving a good education, I thought that I know what’s going on in the world. Living abroad showed me that I don’t. There’s so many things to learn about other people and yourself once you do not only travel but live in a place. Living abroad showed me my own insecurities, prejudices and intolerances – ones I did not even know I am having. It’s an experience I wouldn’t wanna miss.

Could you imagine to give up your everyday life and become a digital nomad, working while traveling and changing your place constantly?

Probably. Although I don’t know if I would really change places all the time. I like staying in one place for a longer period of time, let’s say 6 to 24 months to really get the feeling of living there. But I would love to try the lifestyle – and what I would love even more, is to be able to live from my writing.

Have you had any bad experiences while traveling? If yes, what happened?

When I finally moved to Cape Town, I almost missed my connecting flight in Istanbul. We had had an emergency landing in Vienna because of a passenger and were two hours delayed. When we landed in Istanbul, I still had 20 minutes to change flights. If you’ve been to Atatürk airport in Istanbul, you know that this is next to nothing. I was running for my life to catch my connecting flight to Cape Town.

Unfortunately, my luggage – which basically contained my whole life at that point – did not make it. I was waiting in Cape Town for my belongings for 4 days, incredibly afraid my luggage and everything that’s important to me would be lost.

But when it comes to people and places, I never really had a bad experience – lucky me!

What are your goals for 2017, personal and regarding your blog?

I think, I need a new strategy for my blog for 2017! My head is buzzing with ideas and living abroad opened up some brand new opportunities. There might even be a new name or layout involved. But let’s see, I’m still busy making plans 🙂

When it comes to personal goals, I don’t really try to set a lot of goals for myself. Living in Cape Town makes me enjoy the moments and I adapted a bit to that South African lifestyle. I am just going to wait and see… because in the end, things always fall into place.

How would you dress for carnival, if you came to celebrate with us in Cologne in February?

We just hat a carnival here in Cape Town, the Kaapse Klopse. This event has its origins back in the colonial times. Slaves at that time used to be able to relax a bit and enjoy life on the 2 January as their masters recovered from the New Year’s Eve party.

Now, a colorful carnival takes place every year on that day. Looking at the pictures from Kaapse Klopse, I would say, I probably would try to dress up South African style this time.

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