[Kapstadt-Kolumne] Luxusprobleme einer Auswanderin


Sometimes, I miss the rain.

I am serious. I miss waking up and seeing nothing but grey when I look out the window. I miss dark, grey clouds that cover the tips of the skyscrapers. People with grey faces on the streets. Grey asphalt, sprinkled with puddles. I miss rain so steady that you can actually see the raindrops falling one by one.

It’s not raining often here in Cape Town. And if so, then it’s only drizzling a bit for five minutes. It’s windy instead. Sometimes so windy that I can barely open my front door. Really, I don’t like the wind. I would prefer some rain.

I miss looking out of the window, seeing the rain and deciding to stay home for the day. Snuggling onto the couch with a hot cup of tea in my hand, netflixing my favorite series, ordering food. Here, life happens outside of the house. Which is awesome as well. I love going to the beach or the park. I love to sit outside at 10 at night without needing to wear a jacket. I like sipping cocktails at a bar, smoking a couple of cigarettes and having a good chat with friends. I love going out. But sometimes I miss the rain, the quiet.

I miss the smell of wet asphalt and soil when you open the window. I miss the smell of fresh air. I miss how clean the streets and houses look after it has been raining the whole day. Here, there’s dust everywhere! Dust on my car, dust on the windows, dust on our shoes and in our apartment. Signal Hill behind our house is burning. There’s barely enough water to extinguish the flames.

I miss jumping in those puddles like a child. I miss how happy I feel when the sun comes out after a day of rain. I miss how the first sun rays are dancing on those soaking wet streets. I miss cherishing those beautiful days that are way to rare to not be enjoyed.

But when it’s finally raining in Cape Town – I complain about the weather.

Foto: Gabriel Santiago/Unsplash.com

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